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Chippenham Folk Festival 2015

Chippenham Folk Festival is a regular fixture in the Havoc calendar. We’ve had to deploy umbrellas more than once in the past, but Saturday May 23rd was a perfect day.

We started on the main stage and then proceeded to various dance spots about the town.

About to launch into 'Constant Billy' at the Chippenham Folk Festival.

About to launch into ‘Constant Billy’ at the Chippenham Folk Festival.

It was a day for running into dance types less often encountered. Slovak dance group Morena plough a very different furrow to English folk.

Slovak Dance Group Morena at Chippenham.

Slovak Dance Group Morena at Chippenham.

We were on more familiar ground with Lancashire’s very own Regency Rejigged. A couple of Havocs have done Playford, and much looked familiar, or so they said.

Regency Rejigged at the Chippenham Folk Festival.

Regency Rejigged at the Chippenham Folk Festival.

The Bell Aldworth May 15

Havoc spreads to Berkshire – a splendid night out in a delightful rural idyll – lots of free food, great dancing, great pub and FREE beer!   A grand dance out with OBJ from Bracknall to an ideal Morris venue.  Oliver seems to struggle on his third pint – “is this really a pint and have I got to finish this one!”  Mind you as the night drew on a motorist managed to run over his foot as they left the car park – many thanks to all that rallied round.

obj May 15 001

obj May 15 006


The Bell Aldworth May 15


Railway Inn Culham 21st May 2015

A splendid early summer evening saw Havoc at the Railway Inn, Culham, with good friends the Towersey Morris Men.

The Railway Inn is an ideal spot for anyone who likes to combine a bit of Morris with a bit of train spotting. Trains pass regularly, which can lead to problems hearing the musicians.

The Railway Inn Culham

railway 004

'Sidesteps' at the Railway Inn, Culham

‘Sidesteps’ at the Railway Inn, Culham

Wagon and Horses, Southmoor

Wagon and Horses Southmoor


Monday night!

What with the baggies stuffing the blues!

The rain, wind and a glorious rainbow!

The havocs joined Mr Hemmings at a new venue and explored a new formation (4 member Morris) and a new approach to Morris music – ‘She’s playing a cello, that’s a first’! said one Mr Hemmings – little did he know it was a first in many ways or us all!  Brilliant effort – mandolin, cello and fiddle all acquitting themselves with aplomb – and a Litchfield Hey to die for!



General Elliot, South Hinksey, with Oxford City and University

More catching up on past activity.

After the frenetic excitement of May Morning, it was back to normal on Thursday 7th May. The pollsters may have got the result of the day’s General Election wrong, but in the sunny early evening we were still blissfully ignorant.

The General Elliot re-opened recently after quite a few years closed. I’m glad to see it open and trading again.

Balance the Straw at the General Elliot, South Hinksey

Balance the Straw at the General Elliot, South Hinksey

We got plenty of takers for Shepherd’s Hey, and even had a few brave novices have a crack at Bonny Green. Certainly the first time in my memory we’ve had French people trying out Morris with us.

It was a near perfect evening, only spoiled from our point of view when the pub asked the music to stop at 10 for delicate ears upstairs. Pity – we were just getting into our stride, and were also about to seriously consider it as a post-practice venue.

The Cock Inn, Coombe, with Wytchwayz

Well, I suppose the May weather had to revert to normal at some point.

Thursday 14th May (Ascension Day), and we’re at The Cock Inn, Coombe, with Wychways. So Cotswold (us) and Border (them) for the price of one.

Unfortunately, as you can see, the weather was not kind. It didn’t actually rain, but it was damp and not very warm.

Stand by! Constant Billy kicks off in adverse conditions.

Stand by! Constant Billy kicks off in adverse conditions.

Still, we danced until 9 and them fitted snugly into the pub by the wood stove for a music session until closing time.

Levellers Day May 2015

level 005

level 016


level 015

level 014

level 013


Levellers day May 16th Burford

Getting ready – to march them up to the top of the hill – but fortunately not to march them down again!

We processed to the recreation ground at the top of the town from the church at the bottom

At the top the musicians, apart from playing splendidly played that old game – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil and wot me evil! Your guess!




Cry Havoc and the May Morning Media

After a massively fun May Morning, we’ve even popped up in some of the media.

First up was the Daily Mail website. You’ll have to scroll down a long way, but you’ll find this:

Cry Havoc on the Daily Mail website

The Mail bought that picture off Getty Images. Getty have some others of the morning, including a fine portrait of John our Foreman.

Even the Twitterati took notice. This next one was even retweeted by Val McDermid, the crime writer.

May morning Oxford 2015

may day 019

may day 016

May day 2015 – dancing from 515am till much later!  Once the beer flowed we forgot we had started so early and no one can recall when we stopped!  Ben made a welcome appearance – keen to dance out – or keen to sample fine ale at 6am – your guess!  Our two youngest members got a good workout before going on to school!  Some of the more mature members had to lie down in a darkened room later in the day!!

may day 014

may day 011

may day

may day  – a fine band of minstrels