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Chippenham May 2016

Jim takes the role rather seriously and start our big tent spot with a sermon!

28may16 028

28may16 032 28may16 038But we look good on a big stage!

In all 4 dance spots and a delightful processional – a lesson for Burford – down hill!

And a fond farewell dance from guests Jenny and Barney from Oz

  28may16 043 28may16 044 28may16 046 28may16 049

Burford Levellers Day

‘Be there at 10’ – wouldn’t want to be late for the 1130 start!  There’s Morris time – at least 10 minutes late – and a new low in time keeping – Leveller’s Time!

burford 019After the hill climb – we took in the origins of Costwold Morris – Costwold ouses burford 023 burford 024 burford 025

A spot of levitation and Runaround without Metal MIcky!

burford 027

burford 030 burford 043


Finally Oliver managed to get into a neighbouring village on Donkey Shaving!

Before Mick and he did their Gumby impressions!

“We would put a tax on all people….that dance with hankies!”

burford 045

For the real expert pythoners – who has too much and who has too little – and of what?


The Fox Denchworth May 16



A pleasant evening – warm but low light levels



Guests – Icknield Way Morris- welcome burford 009

burford 012burford 004



burford 007burford 015 Less welcome guest!  The pub is called the fox – this is one that got away from it – or maybe the pub should be re-named – the Rather Noisy Peacock!


On a glorious sunny May morning the Havocs take to the streets – great to dance to rousing cheers and applause and great to see so many double sets!

may day 017

Magdalen tower – listen carefully for the choristers!

may day 013

Vandals – at 0515 – chilly or what.


IMG_2383    IMG_2382

That church tower and that living shrubbery!

may day 028

The fabulous band and the famous Dogs of War!

may day 036

may day 037

“Oliver it’s nearly time for breakfast,” advises the squire!


And here it is!