Cry Havoc Privacy Statement

Potential members

If we run into you over the summer, and you’re interested in trying dancing with us, we’ll ask you to come and see us when our practice season starts in September. We may ask you for your email address and join you to our Friends mailing list. We email this list once a year, to tell you when the practice season starts. You can remove your address from the Friends list by any of these methods:

Once your email address is removed from the mailing list, it is retained only in our system backups, and for a maximum of 3 months. We don’t store emails sent to the list.


If you join in one too many dances with Cry Havoc, we’ll start thinking of you as a member. We may ask for some personal details. You don’t have to tell us anything to get started, but if you do we promise to store your details securely, and we’ll never pass them on to anyone else without express permission. As for selling them, we won’t ask permission because we’ll never, ever, ever do that. Here’s what details we need and why:

Practices and Dance Outs

If you want to join us for practices and dance outs then the only required information is a name (not even your full name), and whether you are over or under 18 years old for safeguarding purposes.

All events and invites are discussed during weekly practices, so it is possible to get involved with very little commitment or sharing personal information.


Although all event are discussed at practices, a lot of planning and discussion takes place via our email and WhatsApp groups. This includes last minute event changes, ride-share arrangements, event reminders, etc.

All members of the email and WhatsApp groups are manually added and must have been met in person at a practice.

If you are under 18, you will need a parent/guardian to sign up to these communications for you.


We use a mailing list to send out supplemental updates etc. If you only wish to receive update emails, then your email address will only visible to the web admins as all emails are send BCC.

If you reply to group emails then your email will be send on to all members and your address will be visible to others.

You can remove your email address from Havocs mailing list by:

If you wish to email directly with the Bagman (secretary) then you can email, in which case your email address will not be shared beyond the Bagman without your consent.


Some members prefer to get their updates via our WhatsApp group. If you wish to join the WhatsApp group then your phone number will be visible to others in the group.


When applicable, long-term members will need to pay an annual subscription. This goes towards hall costs, subsidising material for kit etc. The Treasurer keeps a record of who has paid their subscriptions.

All payment details are known only to the Treasurer.

A full list of paid-members names is reported by the Treasurer at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). AGM minutes (including the treasurer’s report) are made available to all members, and may need to be shared with our banking provider to demonstrate we are a legitimate society.

If you want to change any of your details, or see what details we have, send an email to

If you cease to be an active member, or ask to be removed from the directory either in person or by emailing, we will remove and delete your details. We won’t automatically remove your address from the mailing list unless specifically asked to do so.

Shared Contact List and Emergency Contacts

We maintain a list of contact information which is shared amongst members. This can be useful if needing to get in touch at short notice whist at events. This list also has emergency contact information in case of any issues whilst we’re at events.

This list is optional, and you can choose to put none/all/some of your information on there.

The list is made available to all members to allow for rapid access if needed. You will be asked by the Bagman is you want to add your details to the list, and if you later want your details removed let us know, either in person or by emailing or


If you dance in public with us, we may take a photo and post it on our website, Facebook, or Instagram. If you’d rather not appear, or if you want a photo containing yourself removed, please let us know, either in person or by emailing

Questions? Complaints?

Let us know at And remember, if you aren’t satisfied with how we handle a complaint, you have the right to take your complaint to the data protection authority.