Cry Havoc Privacy Statement

Havoc Gumbies

We try not to be gumbies with your personal data.

What we do with any personal data we come across.


If you join in one too many dances with Cry Havoc, we’ll start thinking of you as a member. We may ask for some personal details. You don’t have to tell us anything and we’ll still treat you as a member (especially if you pay the subscription, though we only ask for that when you are well established) but if you do we promise to store your details securely, and we’ll never pass them on to anyone else without express permission. As for selling them, we won’t ask permission because we’ll never, ever, ever do that. Here’s what we’ll use those details for, if you give any of them:

  • Your name. We’ve got to call you something. We don’t mind if it’s an alias, as long as you don’t have anything illegal or unethical in mind, or change it too often and we start getting confused.
  • Your email address. Email is how we arrange dance outs, pass on Havoc-related news and generally keep in touch. If you agree, we will add your address to the Havocs mailing list. More on that in a moment.
  • Your address and telephone number. Once a year we circulate a directory of currently active members. It can be useful for last minute changes in arrangements, or arranging lifts to places.
  • Your age if we think you might be under 18. We often dance in pubs, and it’s best if we know if you are under 18.
  • Your birthday. If you tell us, and your address, we might send you a birthday card. No promises, mind.

If you want to change any of your details, or see what details we have, send an email to

If you cease to be an active member, or ask to be removed from the directory either in person or by emailing, we will remove and delete your details. We won’t automatically remove your address from the mailing list unless specifically asked to do so.

You can remove your email address from Havocs mailing list by:

Once your email address is removed from the mailing list, it is retained only in our system backups, and for a maximum of 3 months. We don’t store emails sent to the list.

Oh, and our treasurer keeps a record of who has paid their subscriptions. The record is only accessible to the squire, bagman and other side officials.

Potential members

If we run into you over the summer, and you’re interested in trying dancing with us, we’ll ask you to come and see us when our practice season starts in September. We may ask you for your email address and join you to our Friends mailing list. We email this list once a year, to tell you when the practice season starts. You can remove your address from the Friends list by any of these methods:


If you dance in public with us, we may take a photo and post it on our website. If you’d rather not appear, or if you want a photo containing yourself removed, please let us know, either in person or by emailing

Questions? Complaints?

Let us know at And remember, if you aren’t satisfied with how we handle a complaint, you have the right to take your complaint to the data protection authority.