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A barbie, English-style

To properly celebrate Jenny & Barney’s visit (see previous posts), our Squire hosted an English barbie. The experience is much like the more famous Australian version, but colder.

Warming up around the fire.

As well as the usual sausages and burgers, veggie kebabs and asparagus were on offer. And PUDDING!

Conversation flows as we thaw.

There was a little singing, too, to accompany the never-ending search for firewood.

What’s Barney seen?

A short dance and some music at the Botley Westway protest

A few Havocs turned out on Saturday 11th October following an invitation from the origanisers of a protest against Doric’s plans for redeveloping the Westway shops and adjoining area.

The organisation was a bit confusing and we got in precisely one dance before speeches and so on took over. But we joined the human chain and played some tunes anyway.

So, for the record, the Morris dancers mentioned in the Oxford Mail report was us!