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Havocs Hit Swanage!

This year the Havocs finally debuted at the Swanage Folk Festival! The day started with a practice at our Swanage Squire’s waterfront residence. As it started to rain, we headed to our first dancing spot where we were greeted with a slight downpour. This didn’t stop the Havocs however, as we entered into a sing-a-long in the public toilets! As the rain faded away, we stepped out for our first dance.


After a much needed break and a waltz around the excellent stalls of the festival, we hit the Heritage Centre for our second dance slot. After wowing the crowds with Sidesteps, Banbury Bill and Highland Mary, we joined the lovely Wight Belles for a mass dance.


^ Audrey makes a new friend…

let those hankies fly

^ Let those hankies fly!

where's my hanky gone

^ “- Where’s my hanky gone…?”

Group dance

Back at the waterfront, we danced a final flourish of numbers from our core repertoire – including Bluebells of Scotland and Constant Billy. All in all, a great day out was had by all – top music, top dancing, top squiring and top weather! Many thanks to our acting Squire Steve, and to our brilliant accordionist Audrey without whom we would have been sunk! Credit also goes to our official photographer for the day, Susie!

sticks up smile


Music needed

^ Steve and Audrey getting their groove on!


^ The official Cry Havoc fan club!


^ A somewhat unorthodox dance move from Ms Fisher…