Monthly Archives: June 2021

Look! Over there!

We’re rusty, but we’re back!

Back at the start of March 2020, we gaily said we’re be taking a short break but we’d see you later in the year. Well, that went to plan, didn’t it?

And now, here we are, with half 2021 never to return. But we’re finally out in public again, with a short summer programme, starting this week at our old haunt, the Seacourt Bridge in Botley.

Constant Billy and a bus.
Constant Billy and a bus.

We have had a little practice, but we are a bit rusty. Spectators (who were mercifully few) are, in fact, liable to to get showered in iron oxide.

Can we remember Vandals?

Also mercifully, the weather was kind. And we remember more that I think we feared we might.

Concentrating on Vandals.
Hucklebacks. Concentrate, now.
Lads A Bunchum sticking
Remembering the sticking in Lads A Bunchum

As per usual, once we’d finished dancing, a little quiet music session.

Steve does an evening number