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Eight Bells Eaton July 14th 17


Dance out with Ridgeway clog and Rising Phoenix Morris from LA!  Spot the visitors!  Mind you how anyone could concentrate with the smell of Thai food wafting everywhere!  I’m told the food is good!  Maybe a Christmas visit to this lovely country pub? 8-bells-005 8-bells-006 8-bells-008 8-bells-010 8-bells-011 8-bells-014 8-bells-016 8-bells-018

Emma reveals her darker side!


Rose and Castle weekend – july 2017

Back from an exceptional weekend in Towcester – a great weekend of dance food and fellowship – great weather, great dance sides, great food, great hosts (esses), great venues and great value – many thanks

I have no idea who took this sneaky shot – but must explain – Oliver was worn out from playing and I was empathising with him!  Plus it’s tough being his tour manager, beer buyer and dad!

img_1493First Stop Brackley – Blackheath Morris kick us off – with a joke before each dance – How many members of the Morris Ring does it take to change a lightbulb?rose-and-castle-17-001

Change!!!    Meanwhile we are pictured with the Mayor!rose-and-castle-17-004 Queen’s Oak our delightful joint hosts (esses)rose-and-castle-17-005

Morris kit 1 one – a bell padrose-and-castle-17-006 rose-and-castle-17-011 Stockport Morrisrose-and-castle-17-013 rose-and-castle-17-014Barbara thinks we’re on a fashion shoot!

Morris kit 2 – Socks and assorted curtain material!!rose-and-castle-17-016 rose-and-castle-17-017 Wrigley Headrose-and-castle-17-019

Wharf distillery – Dogs!


And Dacre and Mr Gumby and son!rose-and-castle-17-026 rose-and-castle-17-027 rose-and-castle-17-029

Morris kit 3 – a hatrose-and-castle-17-030

Morris kit 4 – sticky things! North Westrose-and-castle-17-032

Morris kit 5 –  A ‘Lagerphone’ without a drop of lager being spilled!rose-and-castle-17-034 rose-and-castle-17-035 Lead musician for the day takes time out to be a yoof!

One for Barbara who says piccies rarely flatter her! Thanks to her and Charlotte, Barbara, Mick

and Jim who kept Oliver company musically.  rose-and-castle-17-042rose-and-castle-17-038

Don’t ask – although I know you will!rose-and-castle-17-045

Can we gather round at the lock on Sunday for a photo – all facing the same way!rose-and-castle-17-048 rose-and-castle-17-053 rose-and-castle-17-055Phoenix Morris! rose-and-castle-17-056

Admiring fellow dancers!rose-and-castle-17-057 rose-and-castle-17-063 Country Gardens!

With thanks to Charlotte – she knows why!!