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Swanage Folk Festival – one last hurrah for Summer 2018

The AGM has been and gone, and we’re about to embark on a new practice season. One last snippet of the summer dance out programme remains, Swanage Folk Festival.

We took part in the dance programme on Saturday, starting outside the Heritage Centre with Beetlecrushers Step and Clog, and then on to the classical setting of the Prince Albert Gardens with Marlings Morris.

Marlings Morris at Prince Albert Gardens

Locals Baharah Bellydance on the Sea Front

After that, a trip to the Sea Front with locals Baharah Bellydance.

Dancing on the pier at Swanage

And then off to the pier for a little dance on our own.

Cry Havoc on the pier at Swanage

And then, time for the procession! The 2017 procession was notable for the rain that started just as we got moving, and completely soaked us before we’d got half way. This year the weather gods were more forgiving. You can see us, complete with unruly Buzzard, at 11 minutes in on this video.

Bunkfest ends the season – nearly!

A glorious sunny day sees us start off at the riverside with Kennet Morris.

Then along with OSH to the Marketplace where an old bird swooped in!

A buzzard in the Marketplace.

All that dancing made the buzzard hot – time for a quick drink.

Outside The Dolphin where we kept our bits in!!