Monthly Archives: July 2016

8 Bells Eaton

A returneight bells 006 visit to a popular pub for us – with Oxford City Morriseight bells 008 Good to see Steve Tripping the light!eight bells 010

A fine band of musicians

eight bells 013 eight bells 018

Spot the fiddler! Who doubled up and played 22 different roles in one evening – a real quick change artist!

Seacourt Bridge

It stayed dry – but again light and temperature hardly reflected the summer for a home fixture – with splendid bacon butties and chips thanks to our hosts at our new – not so new now – pub.

A tiring night on our own!                                         seacourt 009 seacourt 015 seacourt 026

Towcester – where something popped up! 2/3rd July 2016!


First weekend in July and Havocs are causing it in Towcester at the Rose and Castle/Queen’s Oak weekend

rose castle 011

Dance out in Rugby with Earlsdon rose castle 001

rose castle 006

And Mutineers rose castle 002    John is lost in the new season fixture list – how will OUFC do?

rose castle 010

The band at the Bull near Rugby – lunch stop  rose castle 014  Sunday saw all sides at Stoke Bruerne lock dancing out.  A side with three fiddles!

rose castle 033 rose castle 037 rose castle 038 Old friends Old Speckled Hen were amongst the 16 sides at the lock rose castle 044 rose castle 051 rose castle 053

rose castle 058Well what luck with the weather – we all stayed dry except Esther and Elsa who decided on a postprandial stroll on Saturday night between the feast and the dancing and who caught the storm – Esther was a short head winner in the Morris Stakes at Towcester races!

rose castle 024

Our thanks to our wonderful hosts who put on a great weekend.

And – well – what do we say – comments like ‘slick’, ‘impressive’ and well ‘turned out’ – yes they meant us – Havocs!  Well done to all!