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white horse folk day 17

Conucopia – step and clog!white-017

Belly dancers dance their bellies!white-019

Havocs create havoc and proper Morris!white-024 white-026 white-027Ridgeway pack away the table clothe

All in a days dancing and folking in Wantage – and havoc add a recorder – great sound Kate and their mini Havoc!


Eynsham on July 25th

The last Thursday in July saw us at the Newlands Inn in Eynsham, as guests of Eynsham Morris. They’d also invited Ducklington Morris and Cornucopia Appalachian. We’re all old friends.

Ducklington in action

Ducklington in action

Emma did her jig. Judging by the photo, at some speed.

Sometimes Emma dances so quickly, she's just a blur

Sometimes Emma dances so quickly, she’s just a blur

Later on we moved on to the Queen’s Head for some more dancing.

Eynsham turn up the energy

Eynsham turn up the energy

Eynsham's musicians working hard

Eynsham’s musicians working hard

Kate concentrating

Kate concentrating

And once danced out it was inside the pub for a most splendid music session. A most excellent evening.