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Cry Havoc’s charity of the year.

Presenting our charity fund for 2019 to Botley Bridges

During the course of the Morris dance-out season, we rattle buckets under the noses of unsuspecting passers-by, collecting for our charity of the year.


Presenting our cheque to Botley Bridges.

This year the charity was Botley Bridges, a cause very close to our hearts and right in the centre of our home patch. We were very happy to be able to present them with a cheque for £1000. This will fund their Saturdads group for a year, so appropriately we presented it to them during a Saturdads session. We did a few dances for the dads and children, and made them join in a dance with us too.

They, and we, got a write-up in the local paper. You can read their report and see the picture here.

Charity donation for 2015

Morris Dancing is, we have to admit, an eccentric way to have fun. But there’s more to Cry Havoc than just fun. From the outset, we’ve collected each year for a local charity. Our charity for 2015 was the Oxfordshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre. We’re proud to announce that this year we’ve raised £1000 for a cause that has touched the lives of several Havocs.

This coming Thursday, November 17th, we are presenting the cheque to the Centre. This afternoon a few Havocs gathered with the cheque for the benefit of the local press.

Charity cheque for 2015

Look out for our announcement of our charity for 2016 in the New Year.