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Pluvius awaits at Wolvercote

The eagle-eyed reader of these pages may have noticed that we have had occasion to put in the odd little grumble about one or two evenings where the weather was a little damp. Our trip to Wolvercote on Saturday lunchtime, to join Wolvercote Morris at the Wolvercote Fete 2016 started well, with a free beer by the green in Lower Wolvercote. The sun shone brightly, and several of us had to see the shade.

We started dancing just off the green, and after a few dances from each side joined forces for Constant Billy. One set from Wolvercote, one from Cry Havoc.

A couple of drops of rain fell as we started.

By the time we got to the first chorus it was raining steadily.

By the time the second chorus arrived, the rain was belting down, and mixing in a bit of hail. By this stage both sides were completely drenched, but nobody wanted to be the first to break for cover. The dance was duly danced to completion.

Drowning at Wolvercote.

Drowning at Wolvercote.

Mercifully, after a little added thunder and lightning, the rain stopped and we were able to dry out a bit for a few more dances, and then the procession up to the church. During which the rain started again. Squire and Foreman were thoroughly bedraggled by the time we got to the church; the rest had procured a board to hide under.

Referendum Night with Summertown Morris

We passed a dry and warm night forgetting all about the day’s referendum with the very excellent Summertown Morris. Our young Nerys dances with them as well as us; the one picture I have from the evening has her in full motion, and considerably blurred.

Summertown Morris at the Perch in Binsey.

Summertown Morris at the Perch in Binsey.

After the cold and drizzle the previous week, the evening was a huge improvement, despite very limited space for dancing and a pothole awaiting the unwary.

Cock at Coombe

Summer continues to elude us – eventually rain stopped play at around 9 – mind you at least we made a good turnout – our opponents cried off!  Retreated to inside to drive off ‘liberace’ before the deluge!


cock16 017cock16 015

Summer arrives at the Plough in Great Haseley

From the ridiculous to the sublime. After a very chilly evening last week – the log fire the pub was so very very welcome – we jumped this week to a perfect midsummer evening at the Plough in Great Haseley with our old friends Owlswick Morris.

There’s one rather unusual thing about Owlswick, as Morris sides go. They frequently appear accompanied by their very own owl, and this week was one of those occasions.

Isobel holds the Owlswick owl.

Isobel holds the Owlswick owl.

With the weather so balmy, we carried on dancing until the light started to fade, and then enjoyed the rest of a near-perfect evening with some music and chat.

Oh well. English weather being what it is, that might just have been summer.