Evening in Marston

To round off May, we paid our annual visit to Marston. First stop, Marston Court Care Home, and our musicians Steve and Audrey had bought along a little help.

Young Edward joins Steve and Audrey.

We have to be on form for this danceout; our audience again includes a lady who probably qualifies as Morris royalty, as William Kimber was her granddad.
See this report from our previous visit if that’s not a name you recognise.

William Kimber’s grand-daughter.

So, sticks out for Bluebells.

Bluebells of Scotland.

We finished with our participation dance.

Shepherd’s Hey

Once again, we were rewarded with scones, jam and cream!

After that, up the road to Old Marston and the terrace of the Victoria Arms. It wasn’t quite a perfect summer evening, so only a few hardy souls were outside.

On the terrace at the Victoria Arms.

There’s not a huge amount of free space on the terrace, so we squeezed into a corner.

A bit tight for space on the terrace.

A view of the terrace.

Once done dancing, we retreated inside for some tunes and socialising.

Aaand, relax…