Chippenham Folk Festival

It’s the last Saturday in May, and that means once more we’re off to the Chippenham Folk Festival for the day, dancing at various locations around the town with assorted other sides.

Let’s get started.

Getting underway in Borough Parade.

A different view of Borough Parade.

Cardiff City Morris might be Welsh, perhaps?

Then off to what was a new venue this year – a car park on the edge of Monkton Park. The timetable said we would be dancing with Oxford’s very own Summertown Morris.

A new venue this year. Ed sports an especially low-slung bumbag.

Hang on. They look kind of like Summertown, but different. In fact they’re Willington Morris, a sister side to Summertown from Derbyshire.

This is not Summertown.

After that, it was time for the parade. Our annual chance to dance down Chippenham High Street while not being able to hear a note our musicians play. This year our Buzzard made an appearance for the parade.

The Buzzard is out and about.

It was rather warm waiting for the parade to begin. The Buzzard was unmasked…

One Hot Buzzard.

Elsewhere, your correspondent particularly enjoyed watching the colourful Gog Magog Molly.

Gog Magog Molly are colourful.