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Public appearances.

Appleton Bell Ringing 200

After a week of heavy snow – the roads cleared and 200 people celebrated 200 years of bell ringing in Appleton – Havocs opened with Ring o Bells from Litchfield

Our illustrious band

And a delightful chance for Appeton to join in! 

Secret skills – Pete and Barbara started the day dancing ring o bells and ended it ringing bells – in a delightful barn at a great community event.

Mason’s’ Apron – Ale – is there one or more!

Our Hosts kick off the evening with some NW Clog – followed by Mr and ‘Mrs’ Hemmings! – who now have 4 dancers with bumps!

Thence Whichwayz and A bit of Havoc!

Summertown added a bit of glamour, finesse and a delicate touch and Charlbury brought the cheese and …

Every side needs  cheese person!!

Pete did a turn for the Havocs.



Saturday 6th January, so somewhere in the region of Twelfth Night, and it’s wassailing time again at Hogacre.

About which we should really write more. Suffice it to say it was the usual fun and games, and lots of loud noises to ensure a fruitful year, and when I can find some pictures I’ll post them.

Xmas diner 2017

Cry Havocs’ Xmas indulgence – food, beer and song! 


Competition time – What had these ladies been told to evoke this response?  Answers on a £10 to Nigel and remember ‘there are NO prizes’!

Owlswick Ale October 17

Hosts kicked off matters!

Stony Steppers – stony stepped!  Woads something bordered and mollied!

Summertown did it daintily  and a Havoc tarted!  More tarts that Towersey!

We just made a quorum and put on a good show and ate well!  Good to see eight sides at an ale!

Bunk 2017

A glorious sunny Bunkfest dance out – that saw Ed back in the side – welcome back, and a farewell dance out to Oliver who is off to university but is replaced for a few weeks by Nerys who is back for a break from studies – all change!bunk-001 bunk-002 bunk-004 First stop was Boat House with Kennet Morrisbunk-005 bunk-009 bunk-012

Last stop was Town Square – where Oliver and Nerys put all else to shame by shaving donkeys in adjacent parishes!!bunk-014 bunk-016 bunk-017 bunk-018