General Elliot, South Hinksey, with Oxford City and University

More catching up on past activity.

After the frenetic excitement of May Morning, it was back to normal on Thursday 7th May. The pollsters may have got the result of the day’s General Election wrong, but in the sunny early evening we were still blissfully ignorant.

The General Elliot re-opened recently after quite a few years closed. I’m glad to see it open and trading again.

Balance the Straw at the General Elliot, South Hinksey

Balance the Straw at the General Elliot, South Hinksey

We got plenty of takers for Shepherd’s Hey, and even had a few brave novices have a crack at Bonny Green. Certainly the first time in my memory we’ve had French people trying out Morris with us.

It was a near perfect evening, only spoiled from our point of view when the pub asked the music to stop at 10 for delicate ears upstairs. Pity – we were just getting into our stride, and were also about to seriously consider it as a post-practice venue.

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