Each year, our dancers nominate charities in the autumn, and we then vote to choose one to support for the year. Anything we collect at our dance outs over the following summer and any payment we receive for private events goes to the charity the next autumn (and we are usually able to round it up a bit from any surplus subscriptions). This page lists the charities we have supported over the years.

Year chosen Charity
1995 KEEN
1996 Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital
1997 The Stammer Trust
1998 Hearing Dogs for the Deaf
1999 Vale House (and two small local ones)
2000 The Porch
2001 PHAB
2002 Restore
Cancer Research
2003 Make A Wish
2004 Restore
Cancer Research
2005 Townsville Hospital
2006 Sobell House
2007 Farmoor Reservoir Pontoon Project
2008 Headway
2009 Special Effect
2010 SeeSaw
2011 Flexicare
2012 My Life My Choice
2013 My Life My Choice
2013 Footsteps Foundation
2013 Helen and Douglas House
(via Phil, Prince of Wales, Shippon)
2014 Oxford Association for the Blind
2015 Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre, Oxford (photo)
2016 KEEN (photos)
2017 Siver Star Unit, JR Hospital
2018 Botley Bridges
2019 Asylum Welcome
2020 Asylum Welcome
2021 The Silverlining Brain Injury Charity
2022 The Oxford Food Hub