At the Six Bells at Warborough with Old Speckled Hen

It’s a near-perfect summer evening, and we’re off to meet Old Speckled Hen for the second time this season. This time we are once again their guests at the Six Bells in Warborough. A pub familiar to Midsommer Murders fans. Let’s hope we get out alive.

A perfect summer evening.

Our hosts.

A nice evening for a dance…

Bluebells of Scotland.

Susie briefly deserts her melodeon for the bootstick.

… or just to relax and take it all in.

OSH and the Six Bells.

Havoc onlookers.

And two bonuses. Two talented youngsters with OSH connections gave us a jig each. One near the start of the evening…

An early jig.

… and another as the sun faded and my phone camera started to really struggle with the light.

A late jig.