The Fox in Denchworth, guests of Icknield

Off to the lovely old Fox at Denchworth, where once more we are guests of the men of Icknield Way.

Once more, it’s not the warmest of evenings.

Havoc musicians (and Jenny) looking like they could be warmer.

Luckily this week the patio is a bit bigger than last week, so there’s no problem with room.

Havoc hankies are a-flying.

Icknield get things waving.

Our hosts were in fine form.

Icknield getting into Banks of the Dee.

Icknield show us how to dress.

And once again, once dancing was brought to a halt by the appearance of substantial platters for sandwiches and chips (Thank You, the Fox!), it was inside for songs and tunes. All in all, a great way to spend a May evening.