Cornucopia Ale 20 March 17

A splendid evening with Masons’ Apron   cornu-ale-059

cornu-ale-060 cornu-ale-061

Havoc play guess what Jim is doing – clues: checking the latest Trump Russian hacking for his secret role with GCHQ, ordering a takeaway pizza, playing solitaire?

Garston Gallopers Gallop!

cornu-ale-062 cornu-ale-065

Oliver sets challenges all around – for himself to play solo – well done – and to challenge the side with pace and improvisations – well done to us!


cornu-ale-067Icknield way strut their stuff.  Alos rans were Cornucopia and Ridgway clog and no piccy of the splendid buffet – all for a £1!