2014/15 Winter Buzzard

It ain’t half hot, mum(mers).

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It ain’t half hot, mum(mers) …contents

… at least for January – double figures on new year’s day!

As autumn turns into winter, the morris calendar begins to look a little sparse and the Havocs settle into the practice season. The highlight of our winter dancing activities this year was our Winter Ale. We were joined by sides from Ducklington, Mr. Hemmings’ Traditional Morris Men, Old Speckled Hen, Owlswick, Oxford City and University, plus highly dedicated solo representative from Towersey and Vale Islanders. Better than one ale, though, we likes two, so were pleased to join Ducklington at theirs the following weekend.

It was all change for our Christmas dinner this year, as our usual venue was booked out unusually early. We hope this means good things for the new management there, and it also gave Botley’s morris side a chance to try a Botley venue: the food was good, and the beer selection was excellent, although it felt a little strange to play the post-dinner session in a restaurant rather than a pub. Thanks to Steve an Audrey for an excellent party game!

Boxing day saw our traditional riverside dance out at the Punter on Osney island – our first dance out with Jim as squire. It went off without a hitch, and fortuitous timing meant we dodged the icy rain, retreating inside for stew and a session. By the end of the day, the collection bucket was reasonably weighty: hopefully this continues as we collect for our chosen charity this year, the Oxfordshire MS therapy centre.

In the coming months, we look forward to the Vale Islanders’ ale, and a return to the Hogacre eco park to help wassail their apple trees – although if the weather stays this mild, we may not have the opportunity to dance in the snow as we did during our last visit to Hogacre!

Meet the morriscontents

Subject: Charlotte Ritchie

Current status: Bagman and dancer with Cry Havoc.

Charlotte at Chippenham 2011.

Charlotte at Chippenham 2011.

A 2-year-old Charlotte displays a disrespect for authority, a sign of things to come.

Charlotte dances a jig of frustration as her elder sister gets to drive the car and wear the paper hat!

Charlotte contemplates what she might do to the person who put those bows in her hair.

As a teenager, Charlotte had a Saturday job in a chemist’s, but sometimes the temptation to sample some of the products proved too great.

As a young adult that rebellious spirit began to develop, and she started to experiment with drugs, at first attending all-night coffee parties.

But, as often happens, the soft drugs led on to the harder stuff, until eventually Charlotte was having to deliver cocaine to the commune by the tractor load.

An inevitable downward spiral of drugs and booze ensued.

She lost her job and her house, and now with three young children was forced to set up a makeshift home on the beach.

But eventually she got her life back on track, and now she knows you don’t needd rugs – morris gives you wings!


Set by el Gin

  • Ed Apetry
  • Clotting Hornet
  • Knee teak
  • Any randy emu
  • Ionic monks
  • Ripely sober
  • Chill imp skip
  • Chick pea dirt jar
  • Weasel us
  • Clover Hot In Tort
  • The qi run hustler
  • Pissed set
  • Rabbi by null
  • Mock snot spank
  • Kept scab
  • The sheeny vodka
  • Dwarfs goo
  • His smirk
  • Dung brain boob
  • Scarped hen theft


Some bizarre headlines from the last few months.

  • Police accidentally leave explosives in suitcase
  • Man armed with a banana tries to rob store
  • Masked gang attacks Hong Kong newspaper with soy sauce
  • Surfer bitten after accidentally standing on shark
  • ‘Shoplifter’ caught stuffing chainsaw down his shorts
  • Activist gets married to tree for second time
  • Churchill ‘trained budgies to use salt spoons’

And finally …contents