Back on home ground, Sunday 15th June saw us at Wittfest, a small free charity music festival that’s a fixture on the Havoc calendar. We were, as usual, dancing on the grass outside the concert tent. Luckily the weather had been dry. We’ve discovered in the past that dancing is hard work when the going is soft.

Even with firm ground, when grass is involved a stick doesn’t make much noise when it hits the ground. Cries of ‘Bang!’ were added to give on-lookers a clue as to the usual procedure.

Jenny Lynd at Wittfest.

Jenny Lynd at Wittfest.

Havoc musicians were augmented by a small extra, Steve and Audrey’s grandson Ethan.

Steve and Audrey's grandson Ethan appears in kit.

Steve and Audrey’s grandson Ethan appears in kit.