2014 May Day Buzzard

Hail the first of May!

In this edition:

The last few monthscontents

The start of the year is usually fairly slow for a morris side. A look at the calendar reveals only our regular practice sessions for January and February. The beginning of March saw Vale Islanders’ Winter Ale as our first outing of the year, then things remained quiet until the latter half of April. The side has not been idle for these few months, though – in addition to our regular practice sessions, individual Havocs have been occupying their time with a variety of projects. To recall but a few:

  • Ben has begun training for a tough cycling challenge;
  • Ed has released his first (and rather excellent) solo album, ‘String Theory’;
  • Jim took on the challenge of the Prague half marathon;
  • Mick sought out sessions in San Francisco, and ended up in the local press.

This year, a St. George’s day (well, almost) dance out at the Eight Bells marked the start of dance season, proper: just a few days later, we were dancing and running a workshop in Oxford as part of the Folk Weekend, and tonight’s May Day dance at the Punter is the first of many upcoming Thursday dance-outs. Let’s hope we have as much fun this summer as we did last year!

Before they were morriscontents

Name: Audrey Nyman
Current Status: accordionist with Cry Havoc and creator of sweetmeats extraordinaire
audrey folkfest 2010A

From an early age Audrey was less than enthusiastic about her hair, and tended to keep it covered up.
audrey toddler

Here we see Audrey dreaming about one day having blond, curly hair like her doll.
audrey and doll

A benevolent fairy waved her magic wand, and Audrey’s hair sprouted white flowers, providing some relief, for a while.
audrey fairy

She’d heard an old wives’ tale that rubbing snow into your hair would turn it blonde, but she was not at all pleased to discover it didn’t work.
audrey ski

During her student years, some counselling from a Cambridge psychotherapist helped her come to terms with her straight brown hair.
audrey student

But for her wedding, it was back to the white flowers!
audrey bride

Later, she joined a self-help group for people with hirsuteness problems.
audrey relax

Another failed old wives’ tale – eating white roses does not turn your hair blonde!
audrey rose

Desperate, she fell in with some dubious characters* – but she did finally achieve her lifelong ambition!
audrey gangster

Deep down, however, she knew this was not the right path for her. The accordion was to prove her salvation, as she came to realize there was more to life than being blonde.
audrey Xmas dinner 07


A selection of curious headlines from the last few months.

  • Woman chased by hundreds of rabbits
  • Ten-ton, 30-foot high ‘big mango’ mysteriously disappears from small town in Australia
  • BBC reporter ‘sinks into floor’
  • Australia knits pullovers to aid oil-smeared penguins
  • 800-year-old monk found poking out of cliff face
  • Runaway emu tries to resist arrest
  • Hawaii police could lose right to have sex with streetwalkers

And finally …contents

One for Lepton Morris, perhaps, due to their rather marvelous ‘The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996’ inspired kit.

Modern toss - health and safety awards