2013 Autumn/Winter Buzzard

At last …

Here it is: the all new 2013 Autumn/Winter Buzzard!

In this edition:

A poem from Nigel contents

Nigel and Susie dancing a stick dance

Oliver and Nigel’s First Summer

After weeks of patient teaching
The summer came round at pace
Would I blend in with the rest
Or fall flat on my face

Ben and Jon had coached us
To hop and jump and skip
But oh those Bampton capers
‘They’ll dislocate my hip’!

Our first dance out was a worry
What were we doing here
I raised my fears with Mick
‘Just have another beer!’

I haven’t drunk for 30 years
No meat, or fish or fags for me
It might help others dancing
I’d just need a pee

I also worried about my top
I had no purple fleece
We did have best white pants to wear
To please the knicker police

We found the bells at Eaton
And soon our dance was done
We both embraced each other
We found it to be fun

It’s easy in the village hall
I know which way to face
But in a village car park
We dance all over the place!

You hold your stick so careful
And know where you should stand
And watch your partner’s sticking
Or get hit upon the hand

Stand in line from side to side
And from front to back
Look into my eyes they say
When dancing back to back!!

Now I have confused myself
As confused as I can be
It does come that easy
When you’re nearly 43!!

Now to get you worried
With five dances keen to show
We’re ready for the winter
Only 27 more to go!

Before they were morriscontents

Many thanks to Ed Pritchard for this edition of before they were morris.

Mick with beard

Subject: Mick Phillips

Current status: Musician and dancer with Cry Havoc, expert in all things scientific, and Master of Disguise…

Christmas pudding hats.

At an early age, Mick learned that one of the arts of Not Being Seen was to blend in with others. That’s Mick, er, front row, third from the right. I think.

A nativity play.

Can you spot Mick in this photo? (Clue: he’s not the donkey.)


If suitable headwear is not to hand, make sure you have a parcel to wave. And a big smile.


Here we see Mick in his Apprentice Wizard disguise:

Oliver!, Mick and Beth backstage.

The Dickensian look served him well for a time …

in the computer room, with a blonde wig and shades

… But possibly the Louche Blonde disguise was a trifle over the top:

Mick et Catherine

The Young Vampire look proved a winner with the girls!

Ed and Mick in the Rig, Notingham.

… But maybe was just a little too scary:


Really, this Rasputin disguise wasn’t fooling anyone …

Mick and Audrey.

… but it was the start of Mick’s realization that the best disguise is – a full-on folky beard!


Some headlines from the last few months.

  • Brazilian man dies after cow falls through his roof on top of him
  • Bulldog skateboarding school opens in Peru
  • Frenchman hunts butterflies with ripe cheese.
  • Scandinavian men safe from testicle-eating fish
  • Man claims to own oldest socks in Britain
  • New York man hit by exploding lavatory


And finally …contents

… one for Pete:
Modern Toss - world oceans day